Denomination Resources

Denominational officials and their staff have enormous responsibilities and accountabilities to clergy, parishes, and congregants. They serve as

  • pastors to pastors
  • consultants to congregations
  • advisors to seminarians
  • judicatories for disciplinary and
  • administrators of denominational policies and procedures
  • resources for congregants
  • interdenominational representatives
  • conflict managers and negotiators

Well-equipped denominational staffs require a wide range of services and assets to capably and conscientiously fulfill these comprehensive requirements of their offices. The extraordinary demands on staff and personnel can be effectively met when a variety of competent and ethical resources are available to them.

New England Pastoral Institute is uniquely equipped and staffed to provide knowledgeable and experienced support to denominational executives and their staff. The professionals at the Institute represent a wide range of expertise and resourcing in three important areas of consultation and intervention:

Pastoral Psychotherapy

The Counseling staff includes Certified Pastoral Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Certified Group Psychotherapists, Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Social Workers, Spiritual Directors, and Board Certified Psychiatrists experienced in providing services for

  • pastors and their dependants
  • parish staff members
  • parishioners
  • denominational officials and staff
  • support groups for clergy

Pastoral Psychotherapy combines the clinical skills of psychology with the insights of theology to meet the therapeutic and spiritual needs of individuals. The uniquely trained and experienced psychotherapists at the Pastoral Institute can assess problems, explore solutions and provide a secure framework as personal and spiritual growth is explored. Pastoral psychotherapists are concerned with each individual's relationship to self, others, and God, and with the dignity and worth of each person. The Pastoral Institute's primary goal is to promote healing and wholeness for those who suffer, regardless of a person's explicit interest in matters of faith and religion.


The Consulting team is staffed by professionals who are experienced in issues of management and intervention in times of crisis and conflict and in opportunities for self-examination and growth:

  • renewal resources for pastors and their dependants
  • periodic review and renewal of call, and recommitment to ordination vows
  • clergy misconduct
  • after-pastoring
  • difficult parishioners
  • staff misconduct
  • traumatic moments in congregational life (death of a pastor, traumatic departure of a pastor, natural or vandalized disaster, etc.)


The Educational faculty has a comprehensive library and a wide range of seminars and workshops to resource and enrich the spiritual and personal growth of pastors, congregations, and parishioners.

  • safe church policies and procedures
  • clergy ethics training
  • retreat leadership
  • workshops
  • clergy consultation groups
  • supervision for Pastoral Counselors
  • clergy enrichment program
  • pulpit supply

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