Crisis Intervention

Crises erupt into life and immediately demand all of life's energies and resources. Even after they seem to be dealt with they leave deep and enduring wounds. These wounds challenge intellectual capacities, physical endurance, emotional stability, and spiritual integrity. These harmful residues of crisis can immobilize hope and shatter dreams. Left untreated they can leave life bereft of meaning and induce a poverty of attainable goals. Crises have many and varied origins.

  • Trauma
  • Violence
  • Catastrophic life experiences
  • Illness
  • Critical developmental challenges
  • World events
  • Tragic loss
  • Natural disasters
  • Devastating disappointments
  • Death

At times people need help in working through difficult questions and emotions. They need:

  • someone who will guide them through the fearful, lonely and often angry process of grief or family difficulties as they seek growth and resolution
  • a professional guide as they journey through valleys of darkness in search of meaning in life's chaos
  • someone who will assure confidentiality, respect, and genuine caring.

Pastoral Psychotherapy combines the clinical skills of psychology with the insights of theology to meet the therapeutic and spiritual needs of individuals undergoing crisis.

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